A Thanksgiving Update

Dear friends,

First of all, thank you. With  your faith and generosity, three years ago Front Porch quickly became a powerful incubator for the arts in Upstate South Carolina. For this, we are deeply grateful to every artist and POTLUCK festival attendee, to every host and crew member, and to everyone who spread the word and everyone who donated to our efforts. Thank you, Greenville, for your overwhelming love and support!

Now, our parents raised us better than this. We know to send ‘thank you’ notes as soon as possible after someone does something kind for us. We know it’s rude to disappear for so long without a peep, leaving our family to wonder just what we’re up to. What on earth could be keeping us so busy that we don’t even take the time to write?

Honestly? Many things are keeping us busy. Breanna’s been performing and producing in New York and South Carolina (check out The Girl from Carolina, y’all), Prentiss is acting up a storm right here in Greenville (catch her next in In The Next Room at the Warehouse Theatre), Tim’s in Spartanburg making great art with HUB-BUB (and producing Drive-by Shakespeare–don’t miss it!), and Cortney’s been in Texas getting her MFA (Hook ‘Em!).

We may have gone dormant, but this isn’t an end. Front Porch is about the stories of the South, and as long as those stories need witnessing we want to help bring them to light. Things may shift and change, but we will continue to foster the work that connects, celebrates, and challenges all of us. We’re working to figure out what happens next, and we’ll keep you as updated as possible along the way.

We have and we may continue to wander–living, working and learning in this big, amazing country–but the South is home for each and every one one of us, and all of us are plotting journeys that will circle back here time and time again.

Once again, thank you for demonstrating to us that the work we care so deeply about is not only possible but enthusiastically welcomed. A community effort is only as effective as the community that surrounds it, and  we couldn’t have been blessed with a better family of supporters.

You are our indeed our family, and no length of time or distance could make us forget that.

Happy Thanksgiving, and we’ll see you soon.

All our best to you and yours,

Front Porch Arts Collective

Cortney McEniry, Tim Giles, Prentiss Standridge, Breanna Foister